Project Background

Blockchain and digital trust enter into large-scale application: by 2021, at least 25% of the world's top 2000 enterprises will take large-scale application of blockchain services as the basis of digital trust; along with the process of comprehensive digital transformation, it is inevitable to establish the application standardization of digital trust through blockchain. At the same time, the traditional foreign exchange industry urgently needs a transparent, trusted, interactive, efficient and high expansion system technology, "foreign exchange + blockchain" will lead a new industrial transformation of nearly 100 billion market volume.
The HB foreign exchange ecological public chain was established by the EFG consortium and EFG Wealth Management Co., Ltd.,which is promoted by the HB Asia-Pacific community.The EFG consortium was founded in 1963 by the Renault, Don, and Ken families in Switzerland. Its original businesses include private banking, insurance, financial credit, and financial trust management,with the Market value reaching to 173.9 billion euros.EFG Wealth Management Co., Ltd. is registered in the Cayman Islands and obtained a full foreign exchange finance license in 2007. Its business covers crude oil, foreign trade, funds, equity, bonds, real estate and other fields, and its foreign exchange business ranks among the top five in the world. It has wholly-owned subsidiaries in many international financial centers such as London, Russia, Dubai, etc., and its business map covers the world!
In September 2019, the board of directors of the EFG consortium decided to invest 100 million euros to develop a foreign exchange ecological public chain (HB) used in the global market.They decided to Solve the inherent pain points of the traditional foreign exchange through blockchain technology.
Through the combination of regional location advantages, we introduce and integrate the surrounding ecological partners by helping foreign exchange market participants lower the threshold. After the process of expanding corporate boundaries, building a basic consensus, and efficiently completing the cooperation between enterprises and countries, we will finally achieve the free flow of foreign exchange value.

HB Vision

HB is committed to becoming a global universal foreign exchange industry infrastructure, creating a development and closed-loop public chain ecology, and solving the "investment, trade, settlement, supervision" interactive relationship of the future digital foreign exchange industry. HB is a decentralized ecological platform that uses blockchain technology to safely store and share basic foreign exchange data. HB In order to solve the development bottleneck of the traditional foreign exchange industry, the R & D team takes the development of distributed foreign exchange rate difference data as the core of the blockchain-based foreign exchange ecological data sharing platform, making full use of the blockchain's high credibility and low cost Security, distributed ledgers and decentralized consensus have adopted a new smart contract architecture design to achieve a comprehensive reform of the foreign exchange industry service system, restructure the foreign exchange ecological chain, and promote the transformation of traditional foreign exchange capital markets.

Technology System

The goal of the HB (Hart Block Chain) blockchain project is to establish a blockchain technology system and system service platform that is suitable for a wide range of application scenarios, meets the needs of foreign exchange companies and investors, and is open and traded. During the development and application of HB (Hart Block Chain), we always pay attention to the four aspects of performance, contract, scalability, and security, and focus on the optimization of blockchain technology capabilities in these four aspects.

  • Multi-chain parallel consensus

  • Reusable smart contract

  • Permission control strategy

  • National Secret Algorithm

  • Mature software and hardware encryption system

  • Communication end-to-end security

  • Identity authentication system

  • Network node architecture

  • Multi-application blockchain structure

  • Super node mechanism

  • Typical transaction process

  • Foreign exchange capital agreement structure

  • Policy management and access control

Economic model

In the early stage of the ecology of HB (Hart Block Chain), by building a global foreign exchange capital market platform based on the token economic model, relying on the advantages of massive user big data established, HB is the only one token that circulates in all ecosystems incubated by the platform. The ecological value reached by the consensus is of great significance.

  • Transaction fuel fee

  • Foreign exchange trading rights

  • Advertising rights

  • Community governance

  • Right to enjoy business ecology

  • Node voting rights

core team

  • EFG Wealth Management Co., Ltd Angel Joint Ventures, founder of HB (Hart Block Chain), PhD student, obtained a degree in computer science and engineering, has more than 20 years of practical work experience on Google FireBase Backend, good at thinking and seeking truth Over the years, he has been studying blockchain technology. He has accumulated a lot of knowledge of blockchain technology in the design of Ethereum, multi-chain and Scalable architecture, and years of experience in full-stack technology development engineers.

    Quinton Renault

  • FG Wealth Management Co., Ltd Angel Co-founder, HB (Hart Block Chain) co-founder, graduated from the Zurich University University College of Economics and History degree, and obtained the Kellogg School of Management MBA degree, has many years of foreign exchange investment He has long been a securities investment fund manager with funds and stock investment experience. With his own unique vision and decades of financial and business career, he has accumulated a lot of wealth. Performance growth.

    Danny Bourne

  • Commercial legal officer, a doctor of law from the University of Cambridge, Europe, and a legal consultant responsible for Qualcomm's Internet of Things related industries. He was the head of the legal team that won nearly all legal affairs and has unique research and analysis on the legal aspects of foreign exchange transactions . It can solve all kinds of legal problems in foreign exchange transactions and propose some foreign exchange transaction methods that circumvent the law.

    Daniel Henry

  • Technical development and operation officer, former Google business development director, responsible for Google ’s advertising, advertising, big data and other aspects of the business, is also the founder of, co-founder and executive vice president of FuzzArtists, and a director of Kanye West Foundation Has a wealth of practical development experience.

    Sophie Marceau

  • Strategic planning officer, senior executive of Qualcomm, and doctoral student in the United States. He has worked at Qualcomm for many years, promoted Qualcomm's acquisition of multiple technology companies, and helped promote the development of 64-bit processors. It has a crucial role in promoting the contribution of smart phones. For many years, he has been engaged in the planning of corporate strategies and has deep working experience.

    George Clooney

  • Global strategy officer, former Google executive, bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Princeton University, master's degree and doctorate in computer science from the University of California, Berkeley Previously served as chairman and chief executive officer of Novell, where he was responsible for the company's strategic planning, management, and technology development. He was also a member of Apple's board of directors.

    Katherine dnev

  • Brand planning officer, former Google operations executive, vice chairman of Softbank and chief executive of Softbank Network and Media, was responsible for developing and expanding strategic partners in Europe, managing and conducting Google ’s operations in the European market. Responsible for all product development, terminal, brand and marketing activities of T-Mobile Europe.


  • Senior financial officer, former senior Google manager, chief financial officer, and former partner of McKinsey & Company. He has nearly 20 years of experience in financial operations and foreign exchange financial management in the telecommunications department. He is also an experienced management talent; Very important, will support major contributions to increase value for users, advertisers and partners.

    Mohamed dam


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