HB APP 2.0 will be launched soon

release time:2020-05-15 Author: admin

 to power the world's first foreign exchange market stable currency - HB consensus promotion plan in the asia-pacific region, HB end market to promote the APP version 2.0 will be officially launched on June 16, the latest version has opened the international port, in addition, version 2.0 will bring you brand-new visual experience, next, HB asia-pacific community will be in China, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand area gradually expand market promotion. Due to the global epidemic, Thailand will try to hold its first 1000 meeting in July.

The iteration of this version indicates that HB will ignite the Asia-Pacific market, and we are expected to witness a rapid growth of investment in the foreign exchange market in the Asia-Pacific, which will usher in a peak change!
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